A Realtor’s Favorite Property Manager

Keep your commission safe and sound while earning extra income with your existing real estate business!

We can work alongside you to help manage your properties, so you can focus on selling. Here are a few ways we can help increase your earnings:

1.  Referrals (Up to $350 per property)
If your client decides to rent their home, we’ll manage it and return it to you to sell. We encourage you to stay in touch with the owner, and we also flag the property with your name, so you can sell the home when the owner is ready. We pay a referral fee for every client you refer.

2.  Acquisition (We will buy your existing property management contracts)
Are you currently managing properties yourself? Your time could be better allocated to your expertise in selling real estate, while we take care of the rest. If you’d like to leave the hassles of property management behind, we’ll do it for you. Plus, you can still sell the homes when the owners are ready to sell.

3.  Investor Relations
For investors big or small, you’ll be able to save time, earn more money, and avoid costly mistakes. Leverage our expertise to close more investor business. We will provide a free rental market analysis so you don’t have to.

Our business is leasing and managing properties. We leave the selling up to you.
Together, homeowners get a full-service, first class solution.