What Do Indianapolis Property Managers Do?

We care for your home as if it were our own.

If you are losing sleep due to worrying about managing your rental property, call RENU Investor Property Management Central Indiana.

With average rent around $800, Indianapolis is much more affordable than nearby cities like Chicago. This makes it appealing to families, students and young professionals looking to rent a home. If you own one or more rental properties in the Indianapolis area, you already know that rentals are in high demand.

 If you already juggle a busy life, adding property management to that list can get crazy. Instead of balancing your rentals with your schedule, consider talking to a property manager to take care of the responsibilities. Property management companies and individuals can pick up the slack and be a full time landlord for your tenants. Some of the responsibilities a property manager can take include filling vacancies, handling tenant complaints, scheduling maintenance and setting rent. RENU Management of Indianapolis serves the entire area, including residences in Carmel and Fishers, IN.

We Serve Tenants

With a healthy rental market like the one in Indianapolis, it’s important to keep your tenants happy. Your property manager is responsible for finding reliable tenants, setting and collecting rent. On the occasions that the tenant is not a good fit, they can handle evictions and complaints. With a rental manager, you can set the standards for pets and utilities while they do the hard work. The best property managers will have a background or at least some training in Indiana rental law, so you know your tenants are treated responsibly and ethically.

We Repair & Maintain Homes

Like any home, rentals need regular maintenance and inspections. Missing or ignoring any issues now can leave you with serious problems in the future. That’s where property managers come in. If your home in the Indianapolis area takes a hit from weather, old age or even unruly renters, your property manager has connections with qualified contractors from across the area. Preventative maintenance like extermination services can also sweeten the deal for homeowners and renters alike.

We Make You Profit

Owning a rental home in Indianapolis, Carmel or Fishers, IN can be extremely rewarding. But don’t sacrifice your time and energy keeping up on repairs and tenant needs alone. Get a professional property management company to handle your responsibilities. For a small portion of your rent and deposits, you can have trained experts check backgrounds for tenants, create ads for your listings and more. See what RENU Management can do for your rental home by getting a free rental assessment for your home in the Indianapolis area. Call us today at 800-252-2820.

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